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Is there sex in Heaven? Some, like Billy Graham, say “Yes, maybe.”[1] Others simply play it safe and say, “We’ll see when we get there.” Most, however, say “Emphatically not!” C.S. Lewis said that we are forbidden to even “suppose that life in the New Creation will be a sexual life...".[2] In other words, don’t even think about thinking about it!

Yet contrary to the popular opinion of C.S. Lewis and others, I respectfully disagree with the contention that we should not think about the prospect of having sex in Heaven. After all, sex is an integral part of what it means to be human. Sex is an intensely powerful drive for most people. Oftentimes, it’s immensely pleasurable, profoundly mystical, and deliriously delightful; though sometimes─you’d rather just have a cheeseburger.

The long-range ramifications of adhering to a belief in a sexless eternity can be, and often is, spiritually crippling. I personally know of several people who completely lost their appetite for heavenly things immediately after some well-meaning Christian enlightened them to the cold reality that Heaven was reserved exclusively for celestial monks and nuns. For this reason alone, Christians should prudently reconsider this critically crucial subject carefully and prayerfully. Beyond that, we need to discuss it, and vigorously debate it in a spirit of Christian love and humility.

Since this is not an essential doctrine of the Christian faith, we need to be respectful of the opinions held by the other side. We also need to remain open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, just in case we are wrong. The purpose of debate should not be to simply get into a war of words and see who the best debater is. Rather, our objective in debating should be to clarify our thinking so that ultimately, we’ll be able to discover what the truth really is.

Truth is determined by combining an accurate interpretation of Scripture with a proper use of common sense and reason. Truth is always reasonable. So regardless of what your current position is, I urge you, dear reader, to reserve final judgment until you have carefully and prayerfully considered the arguments on both sides. We all need to form our opinions based upon as much pertinent information as possible.


To avoid confusion, let me clarify exactly what I mean when I use the word "Heaven." The Bible talks about an "Intermediate Heaven," the place where Christians are now living, and "The New Heaven and the New Earth" (Revelation 21:1), a.k.a. “The Eternal Heaven,” which will be instituted on earth at some point after Christ returns. God’s ultimate purpose is to bring Heaven to earth and restore the cosmos. At that time, the entire earth will be like the Garden of Eden. Both the "Intermediate Heaven" and "The New Heaven and the New Earth" can rightly be referred to as Heaven. Depending on one's view of eschatology, some say The New Heaven and the New Earth will be inaugurated immediately when Christ returns, while others, currently the majority, say The New Heaven and the New Earth will be ushered in after a millennial Golden age of one thousand years. Both camps believe that Christians will receive glorified, resurrected bodies at Christ's second coming. Some people believe that Christians now residing in Heaven are disembodied, ghost-like spirits, awaiting their resurrected body at the return of Jesus. Others believe that the present inhabitants of Heaven now living in the intermediate state have some kind of intermediate body. So when I ask the question─ “Is there sex in Heaven?”─I’m mainly referring to The Eternal Heaven. Though I agree with Randy Alcorn that God may grant us physical bodies in The Intermediate Heaven, I’m confident that the Bible teaches we will ultimately have glorified physical bodies after the second coming in the Eternal Heaven. Here is what Alcorn says about the possibility of physical bodies in The Intermediate Heaven:

Given the consistent physical descriptions of the intermediate Heaven and those who dwell there, it seems possible─though this is certainly debatable─that between our earthly life and our bodily resurrection, God may grant us some physical form that will allow us to function as human beings while in that unnatural state "between bodies" awaiting our resurrection.

I agree with Alcorn, who states that resurrected believers will still be male and female endowed with new bodies that will be perfect, yet still physical. This definitely applies to the Eternal Heaven, and it may also apply to the Intermediate Heaven, though, as Alcorn acknowledges, the latter is debatable. I also agree with Alcorn, who states that our new bodies will still have sex organs.
[4] Alcorn and I part company, however, when he states that those sex organs will not be used to engage in sexual intercourse. Alcorn arrives at his conclusion by first stating that, “…Christ made it clear that people in Heaven wouldn’t be married to each other.”[5] In Alcorn’s mind, as is true with the mind-set of most Christians, “no marriage in Heaven” is the equivalent of “no sex in Heaven.” Therefore, though Alcorn and I both agree that we will have sex organs in Heaven, unlike me, Alcorn does not believe they will be used to engage in intercourse. Alcorn reaches his conclusion by stating:

Is that inconsistent, since they [our sex organs after the resurrection] wouldn’t be fulfilling a function for which they were designed? Not necessarily. Jesus was a perfect man, yet he was single and abstained from sex. Unmarried people on Earth have been called to celibacy, but they are still fully human.[6]

Since our sex organs will not be fulfilling a function for which they were designed, i.e. intercourse, Alcorn extrapolates:

If we won’t have sex in Heaven and if in Heaven there’s no frustration of desire, then it appears we won’t desire sex.[7]

If we begin─as Alcorn does─with the premise that the only form of marriage God approves of is monogamous marriage between one husband and one wife, and if we define sexual sin as “any form of sexual expression outside of marriage,” then it is totally logical to conclude that since Jesus did say there was no marriage in the afterlife, there cannot be sexual intercourse in Heaven. And if there is no sexual intercourse, then it is also logical that God would take away our sexual desires. Though I agree with Alcorn’s logic, I disagree with some of his premises. I’ll elaborate on this throughout the book.

Of course, God could annihilate our sexual desires once we die; but why? What’s the point? I fully acknowledge that God could invent some other method of experiencing a similar type of ecstasy. But what would be the purpose in that? If sex is a good gift from God, what would be the purpose of discontinuing sex in Heaven?

One of my objectives in writing this book is to make the strongest case possible for the position that there is sex in Heaven. Hopefully, others will pick up the baton and use my arguments as a springboard for further discussion and debate. I want to make it clear that my opinion is simply that—my opinion. Nevertheless, I’m offering an educated opinion, one based upon a considerable amount of thought and research. Since I am neither infallible nor omniscient, I acknowledge that I might be wrong.

Regardless of what your current stance is, I want you to know that I respect your opinion. If I challenge your thinking, I will have done my job. I hope to present both sides of this issue as accurately and fairly as possible. However, if I didn’t sincerely believe that there are fatal flaws in the arguments made by the other camp, I would not find it necessary to write this critique.

I am not the only Christian on planet earth who believes there will be sex in Heaven. There are many others, though a small minority to be sure, who either believe there might be or there will be sex in the Celestial City. Some of these Christians are pastors whom I have spoken with personally. The most prominent person believing that sex in Heaven is a distinct possibility is Billy Graham. Here’s what he told Larry King:

"People say that the Bible teaches there's no sex in Heaven. If sex is necessary for our happiness and fulfillment, it'll be there." [8]



[1] In a Larry King Live Interview, CNN, December 25, 1998, Billy Graham said, “…everything that you ever wanted for happiness will be there [in Heaven]. People say that the Bible teaches there’s no sex in Heaven. If sex is necessary for our happiness and fulfillment, it’ll be there.”

[2] From chapter 16 of C. S. Lewis's "Miracles: A Preliminary Study."

[3] Alcorn, Randy. Heaven, Wheaton, Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2004, page 57.

[4] Alcorn, Heaven, page 339.

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[8] Larry King Live Interview, CNN, December 25, 1998.


rezfamilies said...

In case anyone is still reading, a positive (though possibly speculative) case can be made that male-female relationships similar to marital bonds can continue between the redeemed into the next life. This may then also imply a romantic, physical or even sexual aspect in such a relationship.

Below are some websites that make this positive case (across Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant strands of Christianity). Each website does deal with the marriage pericope of Mt 22 to a lesser or greater degree -
Whether you find these arguments convincing is ultimately up to you.

PS. please note according to historic Christian doctrine, the next life involves the resurrection, which is physical in nature, and is not to be identified with "heaven" (where the redeemed go after death to await future physical resurrection of their bodies) - please see this link for more explanation -,8599,1710844,00.html

Argenon said...

like all things I have 2 search God's Word...although ive always wondered how God would fulfill a future promise to Abraham and thats to multiply his descendants like the stars.We have multi Ga-gillions stars in this universe Genesis 15:5 "look now toward heaven n count the stars" (so shall thy seed be) paraphrased I believe during the 1000 year reign ppl will multiply the thing is for The Lord 1000 yrs is a day n a day is like 1000 yrs soooo if u multiply 365 days by 1000 we 365,000 yrs multiply it by 1000 we get 365 million yrs plenty of time to multiply n be as the stars in heaven lol but its just a theory i have also I believe will have a means 2 travel via space craft perhaps I knw God can give us the ability 2 travel supernaturally but then again we will have physical bodies I mean it does state in Revelations that Jesus will return on a white horse with all the saints as well...our God is also The God of technology Proverbs 8:12 I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out (knowledge) of witty (inventions)so yeah I believe God has His chariots.

Randy Berg said...

This is also discussed in an article called Are there Female Angels on the site -- along with Scriptures that suggest that there will be a replacement for earthly "sex" / intimacy between the sexes in God's coming Kingdom. The primary verses that support this are: Romans 9:33 where we are told that NONE of those who believe in Jesus will be "disappointed" in heaven. Rev. 21:4-6 where we are told that the One who sits on the throne will make "All things new" -- suggesting that God will "remake" sex to make is "holy." Also Galations 3:28-29 and Rom. 12:5 where we are told that in heaven we are all "members one of another" -- or part of the same "body" of Christ -- and in a sense Married to each other. But the most clear verse in this regard is from the Old Testament book of Jeremiah ( the only prophet whom God told NOT to marry). It talks of God creating something New in heaven that involves a close body between men and women. Jer. 31:22. The above article also gives more verses -- in addition to the above. RB

Randy Berg said...

The Link to the article mentioned above is:

Also in the above paragraph, the words "a close body" should be changed to "intimacy"

JaredMithrandir said...

At the beginning of the Millennium the Earth is inhabited only by Resurrected individuals. And yet it's also clear new people are born during the Millennium.

So 1+ 1 = 2

I do think that in the New Heaven and New Earth reproduction will probably cease, as everyone's Eternal Destiny ought to be decided by then. But that doesn't exclude Sexual intamecy.

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Mr. Gruber, Myself and other Christians agree, that there should be Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking with Physical Bodies for Christians in Both the "Intermediate Heaven" and the New Heavens and New Earth, How would you respond if someone Quoted the Old Testament
Bible Verse Isaiah 55:8-9 Chapter 55 verse 8-9 about God's Thoughts and Ways being Higher than our Human Ways, and someone claimed that you are using Faulty Human Reasoning when you give arguments in Support of Sexual Intercourse in Heaven for Christians ? Some Christians claim that in Heaven there are things that are Much Better than Sex, but why get rid of Sex in Heaven, if better things come along ? Why Not Keep Sex in Heaven for Christians and the New Things Better than Sex ?, See also this link "Will there be Sex in Heaven?" part of the website

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

I strongly suggest the Following Books and Articles
1. On the website an article Titled
"God,Heaven,and Sex" by Babu G. Ranganathan dated 15.05.2009
2. On the website an Article titled
"Is there food,drink, pleasure, and do angels have sex in heaven?"
3. On the website an Article Titled
"Will Christians enjoy Sex in Heaven?" by Babu G. Ranganathan , The Article claims Christians will enjoy Sexual Relations in Heaven
4. On the website an article titled
"Is there Sex or Marriage in Heaven?-Bible Truth vs. Church Doctrine"
5. On the website an Article by Coleman Glenn Titled
"Is There Marriage in Heaven" dated September 15, 2012
I suggest the Following books , all of which can be purchased on
1. "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences" by Jeffrey Long M.D. with Paul Perry
2. "The Sexuality of Jesus" by William E. Phipps
3. "Sex on Earth As it Is in Heaven: A Christian Eschatology of Desire" by
Patricia Beattie Jung , Ms Jung Argues for the Existence of Sexual Relations/Intercourse in Heaven for Christians , I personally along with Other Christians believe there will be Sex in Heaven, because Countless Christians in America and Worldwide with Mental and/or Physical Conditions have great difficulty finding Willing Sexual Partners or Even Getting a Date, and to make things worst, in Most of the U.S. and in some other Nations, they risk being Arrested and Face Criminal Prosecution and Persecution if they Try to Pay for Sex with a Prostitute or Another Consenting Adult, it's bad Enough that these Countless Christian Men and Women can Barely get Sex and Relationships and companionship in this Life, at least when they ultimately pass away, Since there is No Mental or Physical Disease in Heaven, In Christian Heaven they should be Able to Have all the Relationships and Sexual Intercourse they want, and have the Sex Lives and Love Lives they were Unable to have in their Earthly Lives because of their Mental and/or Physical Conditions, Imagine how Messed up it would be if when these Sexually Starving Christians get to Heaven they are told "Sorry, there is No Sex Here either" that would be Pretty Messed Up beyond belief

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

See Also an Article on the Website by Mr. Joe McKeever dated November 23, 2016 , the article is Titled "10 Reasons to Believe in Heaven"

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

More Information I found
1. Article Titled "There is Sex in Heaven" on the website
by Tshwarelo Therron Eseng, Mogakane of the City Press
& 2. On the website an Article
Titled "Sex in Heaven? Is it Possible? Luke 20:27-39" posted on August 13, 2012
and also on the website an Article Titled
"So Much Anger Towards Holy Sex" posted on August 15, 2012 , but again I am curious what your Reply would be to those who claim you and other Advocates of Sex in Heaven for Christians, what would your reply be if they called your Pro-Sex in Heaven arguments as too Worldly in Nature, ?

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Also, on YouTube there are some interesting Videos about the Topic of Sex in Heaven for
Christians, On YouTube a video titled "Eternal Sex(Sex in Heaven) by Hank Bevers published on
Jan 24, 2014 and another video on YouTube Titled
"Ruffled some faith feathers? Zo explains his 'Sex in Heaven' Video" by PJ Media
I'd also like to point out some have pointed to the Bible Verse, Revelation 21:4
Chapter 21 verse 4, where it says "for the former things have passed away" some have used that expression to support the View that Sexual Intercourse will be done away with in Heaven ..

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Also I forgot to add there is Another Video on YouTube about Sex in Heaven Titled
"Sex & Marriage in Heaven-Why Many In Church Are Wrong About the Afterlife!" by Godrules
uploaded June 2, 2013

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

I just found out about these two books on
1. The Kindle Book titled "Sex in Heaven. Boundless,Joyful Celebration" by
Dr. Arnold David Coleman &
2. The 2006 book Titled "Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from Religious Tradition" by Philo Thelos

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

More books I just found out about on
1. The 1998 book Titled "Is There Sex in Heaven? And Other Hard Questions for the
Man Upstairs" by Lee Eric Smith & Reverend Dr. Mary Tumpkin
2. The 2002 book "Sex...According to God" by Kay Arthur & the 2005 book
"The Truth About Sex" also by Kay Arthur

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Good Article I found is from the website
The Article is Titled "How Sex Increases Spirituality and Makes You More Likely to
Believe in God" by Zeynep Yenisey on September 26, 2016 Click on this Link ,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

I forgot to type, Another Article I found, is on the website by Therron Eseng of the City Press, the Article is Titled
"There will be a LOT of SEX in Heaven" about how for Christians in the Christian Heaven there will be Sexual Relations , click on this Link,137298.0.html

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Good Article is on the website the Article is by
Erica Goodstone Ph.D on December 10, 2011 titled
"Sexual Desire-The Most Powerful Human Desire" and it can be found at this Link

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Mr. Gruber, how would you respond if some people claimed your arguments for
Sexual Intercourse & Sexual Relations in Heaven for Christians are too "Carnal" or "Fleshy" in Nature ?

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Mr. Gruber, another interesting article is titled
"Do Angels Have Sex?" by Pastor Tony Alamo , some people claim Tony Alamo is a False Prophet , and that his Church is really a Cult, but in this Article Tony Alamo claims
Angels don't have Sex Organs and Humans Won't have Sex Organs in Heaven, what would your reply be to this Article, it can be found at this Link,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Good Article is by Kimely on the website Titled
"Ever wonder why Sex Makes you feel so Happy? Science Has The Answer and it isn't what
we expected" See this Link,
Because Countless Christians in America & Worldwide want there to be Sex in Heaven, Countless Christians want there to be Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking in Heaven, just like on Earth, only better, NO STD's or HIV, No Need or Condoms or Birth Control, Countless Christians want there to be Sexual Relations in Heaven, even if they don't say it Publicly
Consider how Unjust & Unfair it would be for countless Christians with
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities & Conditions that make it difficult and often impossible for them to get Sex, and in America and some Other Nations Prostitution is illegal, these Sex Starved Christians cannot legally pay for Sex with another Consenting Adult without fear of being Arrested and Criminal Prosecution & Persecution & Public humiliation, I agree there is No Sex in Hell, Hell is Not some Fun Party, Imagine how Unjust & Unfair it would be for these Sex Starved Christians when they die and go to Heaven they are Told "Sorry there is No Sex here either, you are out of luck" and they reply "What about Sex in Hell ? is there Sex in Hell?" and they are told "There is No Sex in Hell either" Since there is No Mental or Physical Disease or Disabilities/Conditions in Heaven, All Christians in Heaven, should be Able to Have the Sex Lives & Love Lives they want , that they were unable to have in their Earthly Lives, Those Sex Starved Christians should be Able to Get all the Sex and Intimate Relationships they want in Both the
"Intermediate Heaven" they go to immediately when they die, and the Eternal Heaven , Of course Heaven is about Many Things, Worship of God & Jesus & The Holy Spirit, Fellowship with Other Christians, but also many Other Things of Earthly life besides Sex , such as Food, Eating Food & Drinking Beverages, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Sleep, Pets, Cute animals, Puppies,Kittens,Cats,Dogs, other cute animals, Television Shows, Movies, Books, Magazines,Video Games, everything else earthly life has !! A Perfect Paradise !! No Evil or Suffering

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Also, on Facebook, I strongly suggest we view the Public Group I created
Titled "Legalizing Prostitution International-LPI, Sexual Rights of The Disabled"
because living in New York City, I see people with Mental and/or Physical Disabilities & Conditions all the time, and Many of these Disabled persons probably cannot even get a date let alone Sex,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Good Article, on the website an article titled
"Why are sexual desires so powerful?" A good answer is given by Nikola Gjakovski , and the Link can be found here,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Correction, My Post/Comment of June 21,2017 on this blog , slight spelling mistake on my part, No Need for Condoms or Birth Control in Heaven, and since Christians will have
Physical Bodies in Heaven, Solid Physical Bodies, of Flesh,Blood,Bones, only Perfect Glorified Physical Bodies, No Disease or Imperfections, Since Christians will Eat Food & Drink Beverages in Heaven, I hope they can eat all they want & never gain a pound, but would Christians have to Eliminate Waste in Heaven, That would be Gross , but Countless Christians want there to be Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking in Heaven ,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Article I found about Sexual Intercourse in Heaven for Christians is on the website an Article dated Monday December 3, 2007 by "Steve" the Article is Titled "Is there Sex in Heaven?" It can be found at this Link,
It really is Very Sad when in this Life on Earth Many Christians with Mental illness, Christians with Mental and/or Physical Conditions & Disabilities often cannot have the Sex Lives & Love Lives & Intimate Relationships that they want and Need for Good Mental & Physical Health, It really is sad that often they have to go many many years and decades upon decades without Sex, at least when these Disabled Christians Ultimately Pass Away, In the Christian Heaven, Both the "Intermediate Heaven" & Eternal Heaven, these Christians should be Able to Get the Intimate Relationships & Sex & Sex Lives they were unable to have in their Earthly Lives,

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Another Good Article is on the website, an Article dated
Monday December 3, 2007 titled "Is there Sex in Heaven?" The Article is here, This Article says that in the Gospels Jesus and the Sadducees were not discussing Marriage in General but levirate marriage in particular

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

Just heard about it earlier this Morning, Playboy Magazine Founder
Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91 on Wednesday September 27, 2017 of Natural causes,
The death of Hugh Hefner probably has Many Christians asking themselves ?
"Is there Sex in Heaven ?" And I agree, there definitely Needs to be
Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking with Physical Bodies, for Christians in BOTH the
"Intermediate Heaven" Christians go directly when they die, as well as the Eternal Heaven !!
We should also think about the many young people in America & Worldwide, men & women under the age of 18, who tragically die in accidents or are killed or murdered, some of them die while they are still Virgins, never having had Sex, it's sad that they died young, but also sad that they died Virgins, if they never had Sex in their Earthly Lives, why would God Deny them Sex in Heaven ? In Heaven, In the Christian Heaven , there should be Sex & Intimate Relationships for Everyone , Of course Heaven will be about Many Different Hobbies & Interests of Earthly Life, but also Fellowship & Friendships with Other Christians, Family,Friends & Loved Ones, Making New Friends, Worship of God & Jesus !!! Heaven will be an Amazing Adventure, Indeed, The Ultimate Adventure

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

RIP Hugh Hefner !!

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

A Good Question I have is this, since people have different Desires, I ask this,
In the Christian Heaven, In Both the "Intermediate Heaven" and the Eternal Heaven, since
Randy Alcorn states "In Heaven there's no frustration of desire" People have Different Hobbies & Interests & Desires, For Example, In Heaven, what if some Men desire the Legendary actress & Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe, but what if Marilyn Monroe doesn't desire or like the same Men ? How would God Reconcile that ? How would that balance out ? My Mother was a Huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, but as a Christian I will say that Myself & Other Christians hope and pray that The Lord Jesus Christ, returns to Earth Real Soon & Eliminates all Human Suffering & Evil Once and for All !! Imagine, A Perfect World, No More Crime, No More War, No More Poverty, or Hunger or Mental or Physical Disease, No Loneliness, No Animal Cruelty, No Natural Disasters, No More Hatred or Racism, No More Violence, No Fear or Uncertainty, No More Injustice, The Earth would be a Perfect Utopian Paradise, Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, Modern Day Blonde Models like Playboy Model
Lindsey Pelas, & Elle Johnson the Model from Park City,Utah, USA are like the Marilyn Monroe's of the 21st Century !!

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

What I meant in my post of November 1, 2017 is, if some men in Heaven desire
Marilyn Monroe, and since Randy Alcorn says "In Heaven there's no frustration of desire" what if some men in Heaven desire Marilyn Monroe, yet what if Marilyn Monroe doesn't like or desire those same men back ? How would God reconcile that ? How would that balance out ? You Know the point I am trying to make ?

Jeffrey Andrew Winters said...

I would also like to point out that in the August 1998 Issue of Playboy Magazine
U.S. Edition, the August 1998 Issue of Playboy Magazine with
Downtown Julie Brown on the Front Cover and as a Pictorial, in this Issue there is a cartoon with a naked man & woman sitting on a cloud in Heaven and they are about to have Sex, they both have solid Physical bodies of flesh,blood & bones, and they both have Halo's over their heads, the man says to the woman "Somehow I always envisioned heaven as a place where one wouldn't have to use a condom" I get the Impression from this Cartoon that the man & woman on the cloud are both Christians, and since they are on a Cloud in this Playboy Cartoon, it would be the "Intermediate Heaven" according to Christian Theology,